• Muni Demand Keeps Climbing
    June 2019 [Nicholos Venditti, CFADominic AltoFrom Our Perspective]
    Record-breaking flows to start the year have had a profound impact on the municipal market. Portfolio Manager Nick Venditti discusses the challenges and opportunities this has created for investors.
  • Economic Perspectives: The Fed Pause, Chinese Debt Binge and Geopolitical Risks
    March 8, 2019 [Jeff Klingelhofer, CFAJosh YafaFrom Our Perspective]
    In the latest episode of Economic Perspectives, Portfolio Manager Jeff Klingelhofer dissects the Fed pause, Chinese debt growth, and upcoming geopolitical events that will shape the economic landscape for 2019.
  • Long-Term Opportunity in Emerging Markets
    November 2018 [From Our PerspectiveCharles Wilson, PhD]

    Despite near-term volatility, emerging market stocks offer attractive medium-term growth opportunities at a discount. 

  • Conference Call Replay with President and CEO Jason Brady: Thornburg's Perspective on Volatility
    October 15, 2018 [Jason Brady, CFA]

    Thornburg President and CEO Jason Brady answers investor questions surrounding the recent volatility stemming from the Fed’s impact on interest rates and U.S.–China trade tensions.

  • Thornburg’s Perspective on Volatility
    October 12, 2018 [Jason Brady, CFA]

    Jason Brady discusses the Fed’s impact on interest rates, and U.S.–China trade relations that have concerned investors and sparked recent market volatility. 

  • Opportunities in International Investing
    June 2018 [Sean Sun, CFADi Zhou, CFABrian Burrell, CFAFrom the Floor]

    Attractive conditions in overseas markets continue to spark opportunities for active investors, according to several international growth, value and ESG investment team members.

    • Thornburg's Disruption Series

    • China Leapfrogs Traditional Infrastructure
      January 2018 [Di Zhou, CFA, FRMFrom Our Perspective]
      Economic disruption is happening all over the world, and one region that is particularly interesting is Asia. Portfolio Manager Di Zhou explains some innovative advances in China that could present investment opportunities.
    • "FOMO" in Emerging Markets? Long-Term Ideas to Consider
      January 2018 [Ben Kirby, CFAFrom Our Perspective]
      Portfolio Manager Ben Kirby discusses how disruption is impacting emerging markets and which companies look appealing in this environment.
    • Innovation-Driven Disruption in Europe
      January 2018 [Greg DunnFrom Our Perspective]

      Portfolio Manager Greg Dunn discusses how disruption is affecting companies in Europe and how innovation-driven disruption could provide investment opportunities throughout the region. 

  • Collaborative Process Key for Thornburg

    CEO Jason Brady and Morningstar’s Russell Kinnel talk about active management vs. passive investing, the advantages of having a collaborative investment team under the same roof, and why Santa Fe is ideal headquarters for an investment management firm.

  • Thornburg CEO Sees Telecom, Financials as Attractive

    CEO Jason Brady likes Telecom and Financials, but Brady says you have to look at each name from a bottom-up sense.

  • Do Bank Loans Deliver vs. High Yield When Rates Rise?

    If recent history is any guide, not necessarily. Downside protection from bank loans hasn’t been materially better than that of high yield, either.

  • The Role of Net Exposure in Long/Short Liquid Alts

    As investors look to alternative investments, Long/Short mutual funds and hedge funds are certainly two worth considering. But what should you know before investing? Connor Browne, portfolio manager for the Thornburg Long/Short Equity Fund, compares the two strategies and offers his insights.

  • Actively Managed. Structured for Excellence
    June 2016 [About UsCapabilities]
    Far from the groupthink of Wall Street, Thornburg offers a broader view of the financial landscape. We have a disciplined approach to portfolio construction, a flexible perspective that crosses boundaries, and an adherence to access and transparency. We believe this helps investors reach their long-term goals.
  • Looking for Dividends? Go Global
    October 2016 [Investment Income Builder FundMatt BurdettHow We Invest]
    Associate Portfolio Manager Matt Burdett on the importance of dividend-paying stocks and why, given today’s environment, the best place to look for valuable dividend-paying stocks is outside the U.S.
  • A Distinctive Approach to Emerging Markets Investing
    July 2016 [Developing World FundBen Kirby, CFACharles Wilson, PhDHow We Invest]
    Thornburg Developing World strategy is an active investment portfolio that utilizes a flexible, bottom-up research process to uncover the best investment opportunities in the emerging markets. In this video, Portfolio Managers Ben Kirby and Charlie Wilson discuss their approach to emerging market investing. 
  • Active Bond Laddering: A Thornburg Tradition
    March 2016 [Bond FundsChristopher Ryon, CFAHow We Invest]

    Portfolio Manager Chris Ryon outlines Thornburg’s tradition of “laddering” in its core fixed income strategies. Whether interest rates rise or fall, Thornburg’s laddering approach helps diversify along a shifting yield curve and maximize returns.

  • Our Vision, Mission and Values
    [Our FirmGarrett ThornburgHow We Invest]

    Garrett Thornburg describes how our Vision, Mission and Values support our goals of excellence through continual improvement and adding value for our clients.

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