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ESG Momentum Stocks: Sustainable Investing's Diamonds in the Rough

A company's efforts to improve its sustainability are often a better gauge of future success than its current ESG score.


Latest News & Insights

  • Emerging Markets Continue to Steam Ahead in Third Quarter
    October 12, 2016 [Charles Wilson, PhD, Emerging Views]
    Emerging market stocks continued to rally strongly in the third quarter, as attractive valuations, gradually accelerating developing country economic growth, lower real rates, and improving—if still...
  • The Elevated Risks of Safe Stocks
    September 2016 [Charles Roth]
    Normally safe, dividend-paying stocks have attracted major inflows, spiking prices. But their now elevated valuation multiples aren't supported by earnings growth. The risks of a correction in these "expensive defensives" are running...
  • Inside Thornburg's Municipal Bond Investment Process
    September 2016 [Sweta Singh, Municipal Bonds]
    Since 1984, we have honed an active, repeatable process through a flexible team well versed in finding relative value within the vast universe of municipal bond issues.
  • Japanese Corporate Governance: The Sun Starts to Shine
    September 2016 [Todd Wax, CFA]
    Abenomics' "three arrows" reform package aims to kick-start the economy and put it on a sustainable, higher growth track. One component of the third arrow—corporate governance—reflects a monumental change in Japan.