TBIIBUA ID29/06/2012$14.42$14.48$0.06
THIIBAD ID19/04/2017$10.27$10.31$0.04
TBIIBUC ID15/08/2017$9.98$10.02$0.04
THIBCDU ID15/08/2017$9.80$9.84$0.04
TBIIBUI ID29/06/2012$15.28$15.35$0.07
THIIBID ID03/04/2017$10.17$10.22$0.05
TBGOPPA ID30/03/2012$15.58$15.66$0.08
TBGOPPC ID28/06/2017$8.19$8.23$0.04
TBGOPPI ID30/03/2012$16.55$16.64$0.09
THGBEIA ID29/06/2012$15.15$15.26$0.11
THGBEIC ID15/08/2017$8.45$8.51$0.06
THGBEII ID29/06/2012$16.06$16.17$0.11
TBGXUSA ID30/03/2012$10.51$10.58$0.07
TBGXUSC ID15/08/2017$8.22$8.28$0.06
TBGXUSI ID30/03/2012$11.16$11.23$0.07
THDEVWI ID02/07/2013$9.64$9.71$0.07
THLTAUA ID03/05/2017$10.03$10.02-$0.01
THLAUDU ID03/05/2017$9.84$9.83-$0.01
THLTCUA ID03/05/2017$9.94$9.93-$0.01
THLTCUD ID03/05/2017$9.84$9.83-$0.01
THLTIUA ID03/05/2017$10.14$10.13-$0.01
THLTIUD ID03/05/2017$9.84$9.83-$0.01

Source: Confluence

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* Prior to inception of certain share classes, performance is hypothetical and was calculated from actual returns of an earlier share class adjusted for the expenses of the newer share class.

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