Separately Managed Accounts

  • Rising LNG Tide Changes How It’s Priced and Traded

    Supply and demand growth in liquefied gas benefits some producers more than others. For investors in U.S. upstream gas producers and Gulf Coast LNG infrastructure, caveat emptor.

  • Powell Tempers the Fed’s “Hawkish Cut”

    While the Fed met expectations in its latest interest rate reduction, it signaled that hikes are a long way off.

  • Repo Market Rate Spikes, Bank Regulation and the QE Misnomer

    Recent stress in repo markets reflect the confluence of a shrunken Fed balance sheet amid steady economic growth and increasing capital and liquidity regulations on banks.

Thornburg Investment Management has, since 1998, served investors through a diverse series of separately managed accounts offered to high net worth individuals and institutions. To ensure consistency, the separate account strategies are managed with the same bottom-up, disciplined investment process that has guided Thornburg’s portfolios for more than three decades.

Our equity portfolios are driven by fundamental, bottom-up research. We are disciplined, long-term investors with diversified, concentrated portfolios. Read more about our equity investment process.

We view the role of bonds in a portfolio more conservatively than many asset managers. We believe that a fixed-income position should serve as a ballast for a well-diversified portfolio, not as the sails of the ship. Read more.

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