• Income and U.S. Government Bond Strategies
    3Q 2017 [Jason Brady, CFA, Lon Erickson, CFA, Jeff Klingelhofer, CFA]
    We continue to follow our central tenet of investing—seeking the best relative value in terms of risk and reward.
  • International Growth ADR Strategy
    3Q 2017 [Greg Dunn, Sean Koung Sun, CFA]
    While the U.S. is exhibiting steadily accelerating growth, the growth dynamics are stronger internationally.
  • U.S. Equity Strategy
    3Q 2017 [Connor Browne, CFA, Robert MacDonald, CFA]
    Our frequent challenge at “filling all the boxes” within a ¬process-oriented counterparty checklist is proof positive that we do things differently.
  • International ADR Strategy
    3Q 2017 [Lei Wang, CFA, Di Zhou, CFA]
    We continue to find interesting stock ideas from our bottom-up process in all three of our baskets: basic value, consistent earners, and emerging franchises.
  • All Cap Growth Strategy
    3Q 2017 [Greg Dunn]
    Strong fundamentals have supported rising stock prices this year, while earnings growth and positive revisions have helped to drive returns.
  • Municipal Bond Strategies
    3Q 2017 [Christopher Ryon, CFA, Nicholos Venditti, CFA]
    We believe that investors are not currently being compensated to take much risk.

Investments in the Strategy carries risks, including possible loss of principal. Carefully consider the Strategy’s investment objectives, risks, and expenses before investing. There is no guarantee that the portfolio will meet its investment objectives.