We serve both institutional and professional investors worldwide, offering separately managed portfolios and Ireland-domiciled UCITS investment funds.

Though our investment professionals operate from a single office in Santa Fe, international clients are served by our London-based Thornburg Global Investment® office, with support from colleagues in the United States.

To find out more, do not hesitate to contact our client servicing professionals in London and Santa Fe, who would be delighted to share further insights on Thornburg with you.

Important Information

Before investing, carefully consider the Fund’s investment goals, risks, charges, and expenses. Read the Thornburg Global Investment plc prospectus and relevant Key Investor Information Document (KIID) carefully before investing in the Company or any of its Funds.

The Fund is offered solely to non-U.S. investors under the terms and conditions of the Fund’s current Prospectus. The Prospectus contains important information about the Fund and should be read carefully before investing. A copy of the full Prospectus and KIID for the Fund may be obtained in the forms and literature section of this website, or by contacting the local Paying Agent through the Fund’s Transfer Agent, State Street Fund Services (Ireland) Limited.

This material constitutes a financial promotion for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (the “Act”) and the handbook of rules and guidance issued from time to time by the FCA (the "FCA Rules"). This material is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to subscribe for or purchase any financial instrument. Thornburg Investment Management Ltd. ("TIM Ltd.") neither provides investment advice to, nor receives and transmits orders from, persons to whom this material is communicated nor does it carry on any other activities with or for such persons that constitute "MiFID or equivalent third country business" for the purposes of the FCA Rules. All information provided is not warranted as to completeness or accuracy and is subject to change without notice.

Thornburg Global Investment plc (the Company) is authorised and regulated in Ireland by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) as an Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) pursuant to the UCITS Regulations (S.I. 352 of 2011). Authorisation of the Company by the CBI is not an endorsement or guarantee of the Company by the CBI nor is the CBI responsible for the contents of the Prospectus or KIID. The CBI shall not be liable by virtue of its authorisation of the Company or by reason of its exercise of the functions conferred on it by the legislation in relation to the Company for any default of the Company. Authorisation of the Company by the CBI shall not constitute a warranty as to the performance of the Company and shall not be liable for the performance or default of the Company.

Please see our glossary for a definition of terms.